From appetizers to main course to dessert
everything you need for Shabbos in one place.

About Us

Yosef Mokir Shabbos was founded originally in Israel in 2012

Inspired by the famous story about Reb Yos’ll who went above and beyond to honour the Shabbos with the best food. And how RIBBONO SHEL OLEM sent him the diamond in the fish.

So we thought how can we take the diamond out of the fish?


Yosef Mokir Shabbos, the gourmet service for ready-made food, invites you to browse through and enjoy our huge range of mouth-watering meals – main courses, beef, chicken, and fish, alongside a lavish spread of side dishes, and of course, a wide selection of desserts – all absolutely delicious and approved to the highest kashrus standards of the COR.

You are invited to stop by for an in-person visit filled with wonderful aromas and tastes.

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