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We are happy to announce that in the next few weeks our valuable customers will be able to enjoy our chefs special ready to go Shabbos meals as well as our new high end quality Salads collection. 

Our Herring Products

Yosef Mokir Shabbos specialize in kosher Shabbos food.

Our procucts has bean created with love to people who loves the Shabbos as we do !

By using our products our clients not only getting a beautiful reach looking of Shabbos Kidush table but also special tastes and smells which only a real Shabbos lover can appriciate.

Herring in general

Our herrings are being made of fresh fish and contains the best quality of materials as well as special spices. Everything is Kosher and ready to make your table look rich and delicates

Salmon Products

We are making many products out of the king of the fish the Salmon. We use the best North America Salmon fish. All of the fish is being cut by professional chef and the spices are making every one of the products to whole different world of taste.


Just like the Salmon our chef makes many products out of the great fish - the Matjes. We use the best Matjes fish in the market. All of the fish is being cut by our professional chef and the spices and vegetables makes every one of the products to party of taste.


Our lox made out of our premium Salmon fish mix with special herbs that being grown specially for us in a special farm. We are making sure all our products including the Herbs are as fresh as possible in order to make our premium products non compromised and high end quality


Everybody knows that the secret of great food is the spices and sauces. For that reason we decided to let people have our chefs special sauces so everyone of us can have some of our special secret on his Shabbos table. You can use your imagination in order to mix our great sauces with your special food.

About us

Yosef Mokir Shabbos has originally founded in 2012 in Israel inspired by the famous story about Reb Yosll who went above and beyond to make sure that he has the best fish for Shabbos and how the RIBBONO SHEL OLEM sent him the diamond in the fish.
We took this story and tried to help people to find a diamond in every fish because every SHABBOS FISH IS A DIAMOND !
All you need to do is close your eyes and fill the taste of the diamond.
The Great Shabbos !

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